Client Testimonials

Dear Sharon,

I'm writing to say thank you for the wonderful difference your studio has made in my life. I've never been good at incorporating exercise into my daily routine, but your warm and welcoming space and your flexible scheduling has made that possible. I didn't want the gym experience, and you are the perfect alternative. 

I've been doing one-on-one pilates sessions, group sessions, and different classes, and the quality of teaching has been consistently high. I feel like whatever I'm doing at your studio, I'm in the best of hands. 

The great news for me is that since working with you, I have reversed the trend on my bone density scan, and my doctor has told me that if I stay with this form of exercise, I'll probably be able to avoid having to go on medication. I can't thank you enough for that.

With gratitude,
Nancy M.

My daughter, Dona, is a serious ballerina.  Classes with Sharon enhanced her performance as Sugar Plum last year at the Ridgefield Playhouse.  She is now a trainee with the Connecticut Ballet.  

Sharon's amazing knowledge of anatomy gave Dona skills to strengthen individual muscles and educate her about her body.  For years Dona has battled unevenness with her shoulders; Sharon helped her recognize those weaknesses and worked on specific muscle groups for a stronger, more even body.

As a Mom I could see the results-- and the joy of my daughter-- as her body became strong but kept the leanness required of a dancer.
~Marcia, October 2011

Thank you to all the amazing instructors at The Pilates Barre!  I LOVE the classes and what the work has done for my body and mind. I also love the welcoming and supportive feeling I get when I enter the studio.  Gone are my gym days...The Pilates Barre is a wonderful addition to our town and to my life!!

Unlike other exercise professionals, Sharon is both unique and innovative in her work.  Drawing on a remarkable array of techniques, she designed a program for me that
helped overcome a decade of back problems.  I will forever be grateful.
~Stephen B.

Sharon McSpedon has an unusual love of learning and an uncanny ability to incorporate new techniques into an already comprehensive framework.  She is committed to knowing how my body works and what I need best to achieve and maintain total fitness.  Her energy and good spirits are qualities I admire and her sessions with me are the most personalized and beneficial of any I have ever taken.  Not only do I love feeling thinner, but continually look forward to the sessions and classes that make me more positive, physically and mentally!

My 15-year-old daughter is a year-round swimmer who started going to The Pilates Barre to help strengthen her core and improve her flexibility.  Within just a few sessions, she seemed stronger, leaner, and much more aware of her body.

Last summer, the day before she competed at the Senior Open Championships, Sharon led her through a series of exercises on the Reformer followed by M.E.L.T. techniques on the foam roller.  The results were incredible.  My daughter felt loose and relaxed while swimming--and posted personal bests!
~Marianne, October 2011

Love Sharon and Love the Reformer!  I had never been on a Reformer before and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was, and how great the results were. Sharon was very patient with me in the beginning, guiding me through all the moves, and you can really tell she has decades of experience!  She doesn't miss a thing!  She also is great at working with your specific body problem areas and limitations. I have taken exercise classes for years and have never seen results like this. 

Sharon is also terrific at accommodating my crazy schedule, as well as getting back to me quickly when I email about an appointment. 

 Could not recommend the Pilates Barre more highly!

Pilates Barre & Core Fusion classes are amazing!

To be blunt, if your rear end is sagging and your stomach is drooping, this is the spot for you!  You really get a work out - especially the challenge class.  My arms look better too!   I like the varied way they use props, because it keeps the class from getting boring.  The instructors are always using the tower, rings, bands, rollers, balls and weights in different ways.  The routines are always different. Same great results though!  The online class sign up is a plus and the classes always start on time - which I really appreciate with my schedule. 

 Love the Pilates Barre! 
Thanks for my new body!

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