The Pilates Reformer is a versatile and completely unparalleled piece of equipment that provides resistance and support for exercises involving the entire body.  This comprehensive, alignment based workout targets all major muscle groups from a stable core and provides feedback to clients for superior results.  Reformer work is designed to accommodate everyone and is ideal for clients who seek deep core stability, balanced body strength and flexibility.  Our Reformer studio is equipped with Pilates Chairs, Barrels, and Towers as well, and students are taught exercises on all pieces of equipment in private, duet, trio and quad semi- private sessions.  Group classes in Reformer  and JumpBoard Reformer are also available.


 for sign up online.  For placement recommendations, students are asked to call or e-mail the studio or speak to one of our Pilates instructors for guidance.




Cross Training


Core Strength


Balance, and focus