is what our clients say about the Bodhi; a simple, elegant suspension system similar to TRX.  By taking your body out of alignment with gravity, you are able to use your own body weight as a tool for resistance against the ropes. Movement sequences include reaching limbs to the front, back or side of the body, moving the center of the body into an unstable lean, and pulling the weight of the body against the force of the ropes. Arguably our most challenging class, this is also potentially the most empowering.





 to The Pilates Barre; we include the spring work from the Pilates Tower which serves as an anchor for the ropes, handles and foot loops of the Bodhi system.  Students get the benefit of TRX and Pilates in the same class which starts with a cardio warm-up and moves into chest, shoulder, back, bicep and triceps. Standing leg work is done while holding onto the Bodhi handles. Planks, push-ups and side planks are performed with feet suspended in the Bodhi loops, providing an added element of challenge.    





The deep core is engaged throughout this class to stabilize the spine while challenging the center of gravity for a full body workout that tests every muscle.  Suspension work has the ability to take students to new levels of strength and stability.   We are always coming up with new variations on this self-created class so no two classes are the same.  We've been amazed at what our clients have achieved, especially while taking Pilates and Barre at the same time.