Pilates is an incredibly balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that works several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous motion. The Pilates Reformer is a versatile and unparalleled piece of equipment that provides resistance and support while working the entire body from a stable core. This comprehensive alignment-based workout truly challenges the body while delivering invaluable feedback to clients for optimum performance.  



 Pilates is something anyone can do and Reformer work is ideal for those seeking deep core stability, balanced body strength and flexibility. Our instructors are able to train clients in private, duet, trio, quad, or small group sessions. We offer classical & contemporary training at beginner,intermediate and advanced levels and rehabilitative sessions for those recovering from injury or managing pain. Our focus is to ensure clients achieve their fitness goals  by receiving customized routines that fit their bodies' needs.



  Our clients have the opportunity to learn Pilates from experienced instructors who are comprehensively trained on all Pilates apparatus. Our studio is equipped with 8 Reformers, 6 Chairs, 18 Towers, a fully equipped Cadillac, Barrel and all Pilates props.  Private students are taught exercises on all equipment for a full Pilates experience. For placement recommendations, students are asked to call or e-mail the studio or speak to one of our Pilates instructors for guidance.