Core Stability

length, and balanced muscle strength are the focus of our signature Pilates Tower class which holds up to 14 students. Spinal alignment is emphasized in performing classical and contemporary routines while working several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous movements.  Students can achieve their optimum body shape, improve posture and flexibility, learn to move the arms and legs from the core and leave feeling centered and accomplished in this amazing workout.  



 based Pilates at a fraction of the usual cost is something we are known and appreciated for. The work is performed using a combination of springs and bars to create additional resistance and/or assistance while executing exercises from the Pilates Cadillac repertoire.  This full-body workout includes Pilates Mat exercises and props and students get feedback from the equipment to help them work deeper in the core.




instruction is available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Workouts can be tailored to your needs with the guidance of our highly qualified instructors. Students can work up to a group class if they prefer to start with privates. Clients often benefit from combining  group Tower classes with our private or semi-private Reformer sessions for supreme results.