Teacher Training

The Pilates Barre is committed to bringing a highly educated approach to fitness that will best serve our clients’ needs. We welcome the opportunity to meet and train new teachers who are as passionate about fitness as we are! We are currently working with Power Pilates to train and certify new Pilates teachers.


Power Pilates Core Mat I

The Core Mat I program is the foundation of the Power Pilates method. Each subsequent program builds upon the information learned during this course. During this weekend you will learn to teach the 18 beginner level mat exercises and be introduced to Power Pilates teaching tools, philosophy, and teaching formula. Every student new to Power Pilates must start with Core Mat I.

Upon successful course completion, you will receive an assessment-based certificate that recognizes your successful completion of all the prescribed education material and will be internationally recognized as a Beginner Mat Pilates Teacher.

Attend a minimum of 10 classically taught Beginner level Mat classes prior to the weekend. You can attend these classes at our studio.

Power Pilates Core Mat II

During the Core Mat II weekend, you will learn 12 intermediate level exercises, including where to add them within the sequence of the beginner level mat class, and continue to work on your teaching skills. Our students say that "everything starts to click" during the Core Mat II weekend. Completing the Core Mat II weekend expands the range of clients you can work with and strengthens your teaching ability. Core Mat I and II classes are pre-requisites to the Comprehensive Certification, which includes all the equipment work.

Core Mat I

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